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Funding & Submission

From grants and funding sources, to abstract submission deadlines, to help on how to write an academic paper, 

this is your place for answers to all of your research questions.

To begin, you may want to review the residency "
Hands-On Research Toolkit".

Funding Sources

AMA Foundation Seed Grant Research Program - Residents and medical students are awarded grants of $1,500 to $2,500 to conduct small projects in applied and clinical research.
EMRA Resident Research Grant - A maximum of $5,000 to help fund a project focusing on basic science or clinical research, preventive medicine, epidemiology, health care policy, or EM teaching and education.
Soros Foundation Open Society Fellowship - Supports individuals seeking innovative and unconventional approaches to fundamental open society challenges.
Emergency Medicine Foundation - The research and education arm of ACEP has a number of good grant resources on its website.

Writing a Paper

ACEP Basics of Research Video Series - This series of educational videos, designed for individuals new to clinical research, provides background on the fundamentals of research.

Columbia Research Associates Program

The Columbia Research Associates can help you identify and enroll patients in your studyClick here for more information.

Medical Student Research Assistants

Members of the Columbia and Cornell Emergency Medicine Student Interest Groups are a valuable resource to help share the workload of your study, including data analysis, writing, and other various tasks.