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Guidelines for Presentations

Congratulations on the acceptance of your work to a conference! This is an exciting way to share your results, identify new research ideas, and meet with colleagues from other institutions who are interested in similar issues within Emergency Medicine. 
To ensure that oral and poster presentations from our residency have a standard look, we've designed templates for posters and for oral presentations (research and educational innovation).  We're hope they're helpful.  
Poster Presentation
Oral Presentation -- Research
Oral Presentation -- Educational Innovation
Please note that, beyond the broad layout, header/footer, logos, and colors, these templates are intended to only be guidelines/suggestions.  We know that many of you guys are very creative and have unique projects.  Feel to change the organization of the poster or slides and create new section headers, etc. to best fit your project. 
We have also included a few recent samples from resident presentations that can hopefully give you ideas on how to prepare your presentation.
Ultrasound Training Needs Assessment in Yangon, Burma (Andrea Li et al, AAEM 2014, Poster)
acrobat (.pdf)
Assessing the Need for a Novel Curriculum on Integrating Evidence-Based Medicine into Practice for Senior Emergency Medicine Residents (Tony Rosen et al, AAEM 2014, Poster)
acrobat (.pdf)
PLEASE SEND ALL PRESENTATIONS TO DR. CLARK (suc2010@med.cornell.edu) BEFORE YOU SUBMIT THEM.  (You're welcome to send them earlier if you'd like her comments / collaboration).  SHE'S RESPONSIBLE TO ENSURE THAT ALL OF THE PRESENTATIONS ARE STANDARDIZED, ETC!  SHE'LL RESPOND RIGHT AWAY!

Printing poster presentations: These posters should be ordered via: wcmcposters@gmail.com.  You can initiate an order by sending an e-mail (please cc: suc2010@med.cornell.edu and nypemchiefs@gmail.com so that we are aware when you are placing your order).  When ordering, please indicate that you are from Emergency Medicine and that our account number is: 80-6043.  Also, please let them know the date you need the poster completed. You should expect that you will receive a .pdf "proof" of the poster graphics via e-mail that you will need to approve before they will initiate printing.  You'll be able to pick up the finished poster in the Duplicating Office in the Sub-Basement of Weill Cornell.  Our contact there is Ron Phillips (212-746-0935).