Update 8/20/19
going forward, the schedules will be uploaded at
Please check there, thanks! 

Please note that the schedule changes occasionally throughout the month. We try to avoid this as much as possible, but please check this page frequently to verify that changes have not been made to your schedule since you last checked.

2019 - 2020
Block 1 - updated 5/31
Block 2 - updated 7/1
Block 3 - updated 8/3

ROTATOR GUIDE - click for full guide
(updated 6/12/2018)

Sick Call: Please call the EM Chief phone number 917-410-1056 to reach the Chief on call.

Emails or texts are NOT sufficient (we don't check the account often enough to cover sick calls).

Sick resident must also notify their home department/chiefs of absence.

Columbia ED Shift Key:

D (day): 8AM - 8PM
M (midday): 12PM - 12AM
N (night): 8PM - 8AM

Small-case letter indicates area of the ED you are working in. For example:

Db = day shift, Area B
Nc = night shift, Area C

Morning reportM/T/Th/F 9:15-10AM in EM resident room, which is located across from the security office on the first floor. IM residents are allowed to choose between attending either EM morning report or IM noon report.

Wednesday conference: 8AM - 12PM. 
Usually alternates between Columbia PH 8th floor conference room and Cornell resident room (M-107).

Check the weekly conference schedule for the exact conference location. 

To get to Cornell, take the intercampus shuttle from the Broadway entrance to Presbyterian, next to CHONY. The shuttle leaves at 7:15AM, but plan on being there at least 5-10 minutes before this to ensure you obtain a seat. Return to Columbia on the 12:15PM shuttle (from 69th and York). 

If you are working a D shift that day, you should attend conference. 

If you are working an M shift, you should start working in the ED at 12PM. There is no noon report on Wednesday.

Columbia ED scheduling Issues or general questions: 

Contact Aditya Makol at
Please specify - Aditya - Columbia.

Requests due 10 weeks prior to start of block and can be made using the request form on 
this site.

Please be sure to read the Columbia ED Rotators Guide prior to starting your rotation with us. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, and please enjoy your time with us!